Individual Financial Services

> Tax return preparation Individual tax returns prepared by a licensed CPA

> Tax planning Tax planning is a year-round process. Get tax advice that will minimize your tax burden to its legal minimum.

> Retirement planning Let us review your current retirement plan and help you make any necessary revisions.

> Planning for Education Paying for an education for your child or yourself can be daunting. Let us help you choose the right financing and get the tax breaks that you may be entitled to.

Business Financial Services

> Forex and Futures Accounting Services

> Tax return preparation Business tax returns prepared by a licensed CPA.

> Tax planning Many business decisions that you make have a tax impact. We can help you plan your every day actions such that you are maximizing potential tax benefits.

> Accounts Receivable Management

> Budgeting Growing businesses need to understand how much they can afford to spend. We will assist you in producing your budget and help you stick to it with regular reports and alerts.

Operations and Optimization Services

> Process optimization We will help you identify and fix inefficiencies in your business processes.

> Software analysis We will help you choose the software that's right for your business.

> Software implementation Implementing new software for your business is an important and difficult task. Our staff has experience with the pitfalls of software implementation and will help you avoid them with rigorous testing and training procedures.

> Control analysis, advisory, and implementation Controls are imporant for ensuring employee integrity and product quality. Let us analyze and upgrade your control procedures.